Harbour Charges 2018 confirmed

Harbour Charges 2018 confirmed

27.11.2018 12:37

Port of Rauma Ltd has published the Service Price List for the year 2018. A general increase of 2 % has been made to the prices. However, the prices have remained the same for the following: fee for short term leasing of storage yards, fee for waste management, fee for the use of the liquid cargo pipeline and the fire water fee. Cleaning charge has been removed from the price list. Companies handling cargo are responsible to clean any cargo related waste.

A structural change has been made to the mooring and unmooring charge times. The new times correspond to the current working hours of port personnel. Due to the change in times, some of the prices were kept the same.

Get the 2018 Service Price List here.

For obtaining paper copies, please contact the port office: tel. +358 2 837 11, office@portofrauma.com.