"Logistics is an essential factor in prosperity"

Visitors at the Port of Rauma & Euroports stand in Transport Logistics 2017 Fair in Munchen.



Port of Rauma and port operator Euroports Rauma presented their service palette at world's largest transport & logistics gathering which was held in Munich on 9th - 12th of May, 2017. Transport Logistics 2017 fair got a record breaking 60 000 visitors and nearly 2200 exhibitors.

Key topic in Tranport Logistics 2017: "Logistics is an essential factor in prosperity"

At the fair, there were several discussions and presentations about the logistics sector nad its numerous perspectives. The main topic might have been digitalization, which is drastically changing the whole world and also logistics business. In Finland we can see this topic rising up e.g. in the field of autonomous vessels. At the fair, the discussions also circled around the fact how logistics is an essential factor in prosperity. This is obvious for Finland which is economically highly dependent on foreign trade. Efficient logistics chains and sea transportations are vital for a country as 80-90 % of its foreing trade in transported by sea.

Winners of the raffle

Visitors at the Port of Rauma and Euroports stand had the chance to try ski jumping with virtual reality glasses. Tehy could also take part in a raffle for a chance to win virtual reality glasses. The lucky ones to win the virtual reality glasses were: Michal Wykowski, Unifeeder; Arianna Lancella, Coremas Polaris; Michael Klitzke, Transfennica Deutschland GmbH. Congratulations!

Warm thanks to all of the visitors. Let's stay in touch.