Port of Rauma Traffic in brisk growth during 2017, reached all time record in container traffic

Port of Rauma Traffic in brisk growth during 2017, reached all time record in container traffic

27.11.2018 12:37

“In the beginning of the year 2017, the traffic volumes were on an equal level with the previous year. However, the volumes started increasing during the spring and this continued all the way through the rest of the year”, comments Port of Rauma’s managing director Hannu Asumalahti. “The overall economic situation assisted export in general and especially container traffic. Year 2017 was the best year ever in container traffic for Port of Rauma.”

In 2017, the total traffic at the Port of Rauma was 5.94 million tons (+6.3 %) and 278 370 TEU’s (+8.8 %). Traffic volumes consisted of 4.19 million tons (+9.3 %) of export goods, 1.71 million tons (-1.0 %) of import goods and domestic traffic of 0.04 million tons. Number of vessels at the Port of Rauma in 2017 was 1 110, which is 35 vessels more than the previous year.

Significant increases in volumes in export could be seen especially in liquid cargo, sawn goods, paper, general cargo, and grain. Shipments of pulp, general cargo and oil products increased on the import side. A decrease in the export of pulp and in the import of round wood and metals could be seen.

“The completion of the 42-million-euro investment of the fairway deepening was the most significant event at the Port of Rauma in 2017 together with the 25-million-euro investment of the container berth lengthening, which is nearly complete. In these investments, which benefit the entire foreign trade of Finland, the Rihtniemi fairway has been deepened into 12 meters, and the current container terminal is being expanded. With a deepened 12-meter fairway and a revised 0.5 million TEU container terminal Rauma port will be able to respond with adequate capacity to the increasing demand of port services already in the beginning of 2018.”


For additional information, please contact managing director Hannu Asumalahti, tel. +358 50 303 9700.



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