Total traffic increased at the Port of Rauma in 2015

In 2015, the total traffic at the Port of Rauma was 5.74 million tons which is a 2.2 percent increase compared to 2014. The increase was mainly due to the export of paper, pulp and sawn goods and the import of round wood and metals. General cargo and liquids experienced minor decrease.

A total of 263 000 TEU’s were transported via the Port of Rauma during 2015.  This means that container traffic decreased by 5.5 % compared to 2014. However, the amount of containers was still the second best overall in the port’s history. The total amount of cargo transported in containers totaled 2.07 million tons (-4,2 %).

Number of vessels at the Port of Rauma in 2015 was 1 139 (+ 2.0 %) and total net tonnage of ships calls was 5.08 million (+1.3%). The port’s total traffic consisted of 3.98 million tons of exports (+2.4 %) and 1.69 million tons of imports (+1,4 %) and 0.07 million tons of domestic traffic (+11.4 %).

”The increase of 2.2 percent in total traffic is a highly positive factor considering the global economic situation” says managing director Mr. Hannu Asumalahti. “Even though there was a minor decrease in container traffic the total amount of container traffic still remained at considerably high level. The decrease was not due to lower demand but instead due to the shortage of empty containers at the spring 2015. Luckily the situation got back to normal later in the year 2015. The upcoming years of 2016-17 will be the era of great harbour investments at the Port of Rauma. The port will start two major construction projects which total up to 65 million euros: extension of current container terminal and deepening of the Rauma fairway to 12 meters. The projects will ensure the development of Rauma port operations in the years to come.”

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