Special arrangements on Vessel Traffic at Container Terminal

Special arrangements on Vessel Traffic at Container Terminal

27.11.2018 12:37

Due to underwater construction work in Container Terminal Expansion, there will be restrictions on Vessel traffic. Vessel traffic in Container Terminal will be restricted starting from 24.10.2016 for approximately four weeks.

During the weeks 43-46 all vessels that are entering Container Terminal cannot use their own propulsion (use of thrusters is allowed) when maneuvering next to the Container Terminal Expansion area due to propeller wash in the water. The area in question is approx. 50 meters west from existing berth and 20 meters north from berth line. All vessels must use tug assistance when approaching and departing Container Berth.

Also during the weeks 44-45 max LOA of vessels to Container Terminal will be 155 m. Vessels, which are longer than 155 m can be operated in RORO-quays during that period of time.

Port of Rauma Ltd regrets possible operational inconvenience caused by temporary restrictions.

More information:               Mr. Esa Vuori, +358 50 303 9704, esa.vuori@portofrauma.com, Harbour Master and Port Security Officer