Visiting and invoicing address

Visiting address and postal address for office:

Port of Rauma
Hakunintie 19
FI-26100 Rauma, FINLAND

Business ID: 2652182-4
VAT code: FI26521824

Invoices to Port of Rauma should be sent as electronic invoices to
E-invoicing address (OVT code): 003726521824
Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
OVT code of operator: 003710948874

E-mail address for invoices:

Contact information for paper invoices:
Port of Rauma
P.O. Box 64444
This invoicing address shall be shown also on the actual invoice to allow the scanning service to forward the invoice correctly.
NOTE. Only invoices to be sent to this invoicing address.

Enquiries concerning invoicing: