The safest port in Finland

The objective of Port of Rauma is to make the port the safest port in Finland. This objective can be achieved through continuous development efforts supported by all the operators located in the port area, as well as through the daily decisions made by everybody working and moving in the area.

As the employer using the main authority referred to in the Occupational Safety Act, Port of Rauma recognises its responsibility for the safety of everybody working in the port area. Actions to build a safe work environment are implemented determinedly with stakeholders, focusing particularly on e.g. a proactive approach, development of the occupational safety culture and elimination of structural problem areas in both work conditions and port area traffic.

The certified OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety system of Port of Rauma also links occupational safety matters with the everyday activities of the organisation. 

Since 2013, Port of Rauma has made the following investments in the improvement of traffic safety within the port area:

  • New speed feedback signs have reduced driving speeds in the port area. Lower speeds mean that the drivers are now better able to observe other traffic, and can thereby prevent and avoid dangerous situations. 
  • New semi-barrier systems on Hakunintie Road and Iso-Hakunintie Road level crossings improve level crossing and traffic safety in the port area.
  • New guarded level crossing for heavy traffic towards the container terminal has further improved the safety of lorry loading and unloading operations at the container terminal.
  • Production of an online induction training course together with port operator Euroports Rauma Oy.