Cargo handling

Cargo handling services are in the port of Rauma provided by port operators by vessel type/cargo type as follows:

Ro-ro, sto-ro, lo-lo and containers
Euroports Finland Oy

Liquids (e.g. oils, chemicals)
Baltic Tank Oy, Rauma Terminal Services Oy, Samat Nordic Oy, Kiilto Oy

Bulk (e.g. china clay, grains, fertilizers)
Euroports Finland Oy, Suomen Viljava Oy, Chemec Oy.

More information about the handling of different cargo types can be found under the links to the left or in the Port Handbook.


  • 115 hectares of area
  • 275 000 m² of covered space for project cargo
  • 30 000 m² of warm warehouse space
  • 230 000 m³ of bulk warehouse space
  • 175 000 t of silos
  • 560 600 m³ of chemical and oil tanks